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6/20/2011 Smart Material Handling Solutions for Port Applications

Michael Ibarth, Marketing Director of Sennebogen, speech delivered in April, Athens, 2011

According to Mr. Michael Ibarth, the Marketing Director of Sennebogen, about 25% of European scrap metal is exported to China annually.  On his presentation during the Ports & Hubs Conference, this April, Mr. Ibarth underlined the driving forces for development in the Port industry and presented the different features in shipping industry.  Sennebogen, the first choice for Port equipment worldwide is regarded as the most reliable partner in Port industry by offering flexibility in several options for every special application, along with time and energy saving and dramatically cost reduction in loading – unloading.

Globalization appears currently as the mega trend leading to worldwide logistics and bringing every destination closer.  On the other hand, the accelerated development in the infrastructure for the past 10 years enabled a series of advantages by combined transportation of goods and materials worldwide.  The governments invested generous capitals to improve transportation in every sector, only the global demand in low carbon footprint and less energy consumption marks out the advantages of lower seaborne transport costs, instead of rails, road and air.  It is estimated that from 1986 to 2007 there was a constant increase of 4% -in average- concerning the growth rate in seaborne trade worldwide.  A reason for the ports becoming more competitive and updated to current global needs is the increasing demand in energy and raw materials combined with the growth in BRIC –Brazil, Russia, India, China- and other emerging markets.

As every port is unique with special requirements, the equipment should be focused and aligned with all different features a port is dealing with:

  • the kind of material is handled; dry bulk, containers, scrap, general cargo, wooden pallets, pulp, big packs, etc.
  • the available space for loading – unloading (stationery –mobile solution, equipment in rails)
  • the access to electrical power, port facilities, etc. (other energy sources)
  • the access and proximity of cargo warehouses (e.g. cargo villages)
  • the connection with other ways of the cargo transition to end destination (by rail, trucks, etc.)
  • other port applications (e.g. dredging, off shore wind farms, etc.)

All this different port features define at some point the orientation of Ports to certain material handling applications and other port applications to ensure the sustainable and viable future of the investment.

The maritime trade in European Ports for dry bulk handling is constantly increasing.  Comparing data collected from years 2005 and 2006, only in 6 countries out of 24 the dry bulk handling is at lower level in 2006.  The immense world merchant fleet in 2007 numbered 44.553 vessels and is constantly increasing as the ship sizes per unit of the new vessels also increase.
The German manufacturer Sennebogen with about 60 years of experience in materials handling applications based on three market segments; GREEN LINE (material handling machinery), CRANE LINE (cranes for lifting and duty cycle, PORT LINE (for harbor applications), constitutes the most reliable partner in every port.

The most state-of-the-art materials handling machinery mobile, crawler, stationery, in rails, rail portal gantry, with pylon and in pontoon, equipped with handy size bulker and even at the Paramax class version represent the most reliable and profitable solution tailored in every special port application.  To reduce ground pressure there is also a possibility of using additional plates customized to special needs.

On board cranes have a comparably low handling capacity and their use may lead to demurrage cost up to $125.000 per day for a 50.000 dwt ship.  The effective material handling pays off and reduces stevedoring costs dramatically. 

The smart material handling machinery can decrease stevedoring time up to the one third of the time needed for stevedoring with rope cranes.  Operations with a typical rope crane constitute three steps; manual fastening, lifting and swinging and manual release.  The Sennebogen 870 M  materials handling machinery operating with the multi-tool quick coupler and a special attachment for pulp handling picks up the load automatically, lifts and swings and releases the load automatically.  Above all, the latter is not a stable equipment and can be transported to where is needed.

All Sennebogen products can be equipped either with diesel engine, electro-hydraulic drives and even a combination of diesel and electro-engine for different applications.  Customized length and kinematics for either boom or stick is also advised for different cases.   The spacious standard cabin of all machinery known as MAXCAB includes sliding door, automatic air conditioning, air comfort seat offering all around view and comfort.  The industrial MAXCAB is used for special port applications, with spacious interior, bullet proof glass, straight and tilted front screen.  One more version, the Port cab of 1,5 m width with a large ground window offers the perfect view for all port operations.  All cabins are hydraulically lifted.

References of Sennebogen products can be found in all ports worldwide which made investments towards the modernization of their equipment and reduced dramatically the operation expenses and the total time in services.  In Greece and Cyprus, Spatharas Bros supports Sennebogen product in sales and service.

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